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Ciah Hooch-Llewelyn-Davies takes on HIP Female Skills Competition 2024!

Ciah Hooch-Llewelyn-Davies takes on HIP Female Skills Competition 2024!


We are proud to announce that one of our apprentices, Ciah Hooch-Llewelyn-Davies has been chosen to represent Gower College at the HIP Female Skills Competition 2024, in Bath!

HIP, well-known for their esteemed 'Learner of the Year' competition, is dedicated to fostering confidence and championing skills development while ensuring the industry attracts the most talented individuals, irrespective of gender.

In February and March 2024, HIP will broaden its scope, extending the search from two to three regions nationwide. Participants, consisting of Level 2 and 3 plumbing & heating learners from colleges across the country, will engage in a live practical installation competition. The winners and runners-up from each region will then advance to the next stage of the competition – in the hope of winning the prestigious HIP award at the grand final!

Ciah's tutor, Liam Freeguard, nominated her for the competition, acknowledging her hard work and the continuous development of her plumbing skills.

We were thrilled to welcome Ciah to Cyfle Building Skills, in September of 2023, as she revisited her plumber apprenticeship journey, at the age of 36. With a background in full-time plumbing, gardening, DIY, and cleaning, she brought a wealth of experience, to both classroom and site.

Currently placed at Narbeth's Mechanical Services Ltd, Ciah continues to positively represent Cyfle - her unparalleled enthusiasm, determination, and exceptional skills make her a true standout. She serves as a shining example to fellow apprentices, proving that the opportunity for new knowledge is limitless, and there's always room to broaden your skillset.

Speaking on the upcoming competition, Ciah said:

“I feel a mix of nerves and excitement, but my focus is on showcasing what I've practiced so hard for! Meeting other women in the industry is also exciting, as we can share experiences and ideas.”

The Cyfle team takes immense pride in Ciah's accomplishments so far, we all wish her the best of luck at the competition!