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The Construction Industry meets Virtual Reality: Highlights from our VR Training session

The Construction Industry meets Virtual Reality: Highlights from our VR Training session


To prepare for the eagerly awaited 'Choose Your Future' event on February 22nd, where students will explore industry-related VR, we conducted a virtual reality training session at the University of Wales Waterfront campus. This session was tailored for all staff and attending employers. In partnership with CWIC, the Construction Wales Innovation Centre at UWTSD, our team and participating employers received thorough demonstrations, training, and walk-throughs highlighting the latest advancements in virtual reality technology within the construction industry.

We were delighted to have a distinguished array of construction companies and respected training providers from the local regions join us. Notable participants guiding students through their VR experiences included CCTAL, TAD Builders, Swansea Bay Construction Support Group, Bouyges, TRJ Ltd., Castle Scaffolding, Tilbury, Lloyd & Gravell Ltd., Morganstone, PCR, and Andrew Scott.

The session was filled with educational insights and excitement, providing participants access to a varied selection of virtual reality software designed specifically for the construction industry:

Virtual Construction

The Virtual Construction VR enables users to explore and experience the construction process, they are given an opportunity to choose from 3 different briefs to construct a building virtually, considering factors like building performance, comfort, sustainability, and cost measures.

Drone Piloting

Using the latest VR technology and industry-standard controllers, in the rotor pilot simulation, users can experience basic flight principles as well as undertake industry-related tasks, including basic flight training, requirements for safe operation and inspection of a heritage building.

Working at Heights

Focusing on a different area of construction, the Working at Heights VR provides users with a realistic experience of working at height on and around scaffolding. It gives users the opportunity to construct and inspect scaffolding components, while covering; health and safety, Scaffold Component Identification, Scaffold Assembly and Scaffold inspection and legal requirements.

Tunnelling Skills

The new tunnelling software gives users a unique opportunity to go underground - safely! In an immersive experience, Tunnelling Skills covers, Shaft & Tunnel Construction, Accessing the Shafts & Tunnels and What to do in an emergency.

Paint Sprayer

Simspray, the virtual spray paint learning system, allows users to paint on an industrial level. It offers systems including the HVLP, Airless, Airmix, and electrostatic powder coating processes, as well as the additional options for sandblasting and edge blending. Simspray covers, adjusting air pressure and paint flow, control of coating thickness, master distance, speed and angles, and how to work on flat, round and complex surfaces!

Wood Ed

Wood Ed is a fantastic introduction to the world of carpentry and construction. In a no risk environment, users can use a band saw, rip saw, surface planer and spindle moulder! This helps build foundational knowledge and skills while building self-confidence when using real machines.

Attendees were given the chance to experience the innovative 'Futurescape' software. Utilizing VR headsets, staff and employers immersed themselves in a fantasy gameplay narrative, enabling them to not only explore a unique world but also apply industry skills through diverse construction-focused scenarios.

Conducting the software demonstration was Euros Griffiths, our Training Manager/Shared Apprenticeship Coordinator. Euros played a pivotal role in supplying industry-specific knowledge and offering weekly feedback to Futurescape developers, ensuring the software's realism and maximum benefit for students.

Reflecting on the session, Euros said,

"The session provided an excellent chance for both staff and employers to explore the latest technological advancements within the construction industry – which is rapidly improving all the time! Demonstrating Futurescape was particularly great, as a lot of time has been invested in crafting it to reflect industry specific knowledge and skills.”

“Today’s session will ensure the students on Thursday will get the best experience possible.”