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Low Carbon Awareness pilot course

Low Carbon Awareness pilot course


We are delighted to have run a two-day Low Carbon Awareness pilot course. The course covered four modules which included: an introduction to low carbon/net zero; retrofitting of existing buildings to lower carbon emissions; modern methods of construction; and renewable energy solutions.

The course covered each of the topics in depth, with the aim of equipping participants with the knowledge and understanding required to implement a net zero approach to their future work within the construction industry.

Module one: What is low carbon/net zero

This module gave an overview of what carbon is, how it is produced, and how its emission leads to global warming – also known as the greenhouse effect. It covered the scale and scope of the current climate emergency, and why the drive to net zero is so important, particularly within the construction industry. It also covered how the industry is tackling carbon reduction, by reducing its carbon footprint, and how everyone working within the industry can contribute towards carbon reduction and the ultimate aim of net zero.

Module two: Retrofit

Within this module, the course covered understanding what retrofit is, why it is important to reducing carbon, and where and how to identify opportunities to retrofit existing buildings.

In addition, it looked at what the challenges and benefits are – with a particular eye on developments happening in Wales.

Module three: Modern methods of construction

This module covered the shortcomings of the historically high-carbon construction industry and why change is desperately needed. It explains what is meant by frequently used (though often misunderstood) terms such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA), Offsite Construction, and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

It also explored the new approaches, principles and technologies which are being implemented within the industry to tackle carbon emissions.

Module four: Renewables

The final module delved into renewable energy solutions. It explained what renewable energy is, its sources and technologies, and why construction professionals need to understand its importance and keep abreast of the latest innovations.

The module discussed what the future might look like in a sustainable world, and how the national grid will be affected and improved – covering the advantages and disadvantages of fossil fuels, renewable energy sources and nuclear power.

At the end of the course, its participants should feel equipped to take the knowledge gained and implement it within the businesses they work. We hope they will feel able to positively contribute to a greener more sustainable future for the construction industry and the planet as a whole.

The project was funded by the UK Renewable Fund.

To find out more about the course and how to get a future place, call 01554 748181