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Kachumbala Maternity Unit

Kachumbala Maternity Unit


Cyfle Building Skills and EFOD South West Wales Maternity Ward

Cyfle Building Skills/CITB Shared Apprentices have just returned from a charity project in Kachumbala, Uganda with memories to last a lifetime. Various trades from Cyfle Shared Apprentices have been helping to build a maternity ward with charity EFOD South West Wales, helping to make a difference to the people in Uganda. Putting their skills to good use, the CITB Shared Apprentices have assisted on site with the Bricklaying, Carpentry, Plastering, Plumbing and Electrical work on the project, purchasing products and supervision of the local people (40 workers per day). Whilst the Shared Apprentices were working in Kachumbala, there they have made friends with local youngsters who were also working on the project. On their last days working on the scheme the Cyfle/CITB Shared Apprentices would choose to donate most of their belongings (all tools and clothes) to the workers who assisted on the project. One of the quotes from Sam Shaw Bricklaying Shared Apprentice was:  'This was a life changing experience for us all and we look forward to seeing the Maternity Ward completed at the end of the year, with new babies born in a first class facility which will support the local and wider communities.' The Maternity Ward is now in its final phase and Cyfle Building Skills is hoping to send a group of current and ex CITB/Shared Apprentices out as a final snagging team to check on the progress and hopefully this will enable the handover of the Maternity Ward to take place in April/May 2017