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Successful Mr and Mrs Night raises funds for the Jac Lewis  Foundation

Successful Mr and Mrs Night raises funds for the Jac Lewis Foundation


Ammanford Cricket Club came alive on Friday, May 12th, as the Jac Lewis Foundation hosted a memorable charity Mr and Mrs Night. The event not only brought together members of the community but also raised over £2,500 to support the vital work of the Jac Lewis Foundation.

The evening was filled with laughter, entertainment, and the crowning of the new Mr and Mrs Champions 2023: Rhys Fisher, our Lead Training Coordinator, and his beautiful fiancé Gemma Wyper.

Rhys and Gemma were worthy winners on the night. Their sense of fun, enthusiasm and commitment to the cause embodied the spirit of the event, and they proved to know each other very well! Everyone at the event was delighted with their well-deserved victory.

The Mr and Mrs game was the highlight of the charity night. Based on the classic television show format, the game testes how well partners know each other by asking a series of fun and revealing questions. It brought couples together for a light-hearted and entertaining competition, and not only provided many laughs but also showcased the couples’ strong bonds.

Rhys said: "We are honoured to be crowned the Mr and Mrs Champions 2023 and to have had the opportunity to participate in this fantastic event. It was not only a fun experience but also a meaningful way to support the Jac Lewis Foundation and their vital work in our community."

Gemma said: "The MR and Mrs game was great fun, and we are thrilled to have contributed to such a worthy cause. We really commend and appreciate the Jac Lewis Foundation for their dedication to mental health support, and we hope the charity night inspires others to join in making a positive impact."

Here at Cyfle, we congratulate Rhys and Gemma on their win, and agree wholeheartedly with their sentiments regarding the Jac Lewis Foundation.

We fully support the Foundation's vision of creating a community where issues of mental health are prioritised and suicide can be prevented. With help from fundraising events like this, the Foundation is paving the way for a brighter, more supportive future for Ammanford and beyond.