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Cricket match and family fun day to support Jac Lewis Foundation

Cricket match and family fun day to support Jac Lewis Foundation


Cricketers, businesses, sports clubs and families from across the region came together at Ammanford Cricket Club for a charity match and fun day to raise awareness and funds for our charity, The Jac Lewis Foundation.

The fundraiser, organised by Morganstone and Westacres in conjunction with Ammanford Cricket Club, raised an impressive £5,000 to help the charity continue to provide essential mental health and wellbeing support to the people of Ammanford.

The charity cricket match was a fitting tribute to the young man in whose name the foundation was formed – the popular Ammanford sportsman, Jac Lewis, whose struggle with mental health made a huge impact on his community and everyone who knew him.

To honour Jac, the foundation was founded with the aims of providing mental health and wellbeing support to the local community through a range of services such as counselling, bereavement support, wellbeing courses and workshops, telephone services and community mental health first aid training.

The foundation aims to ensure that anybody in Ammanford suffering with their mental health has a professional service to help them, and ultimately help to prevent suicide.

The fundraising event was a huge success drawing large crowds over the course of the day and into the evening, with substantial donations being made by business and the local community.

In addition to the main feature of the day – the cricket match between Ammanford CC and Morganstone – the fundraiser also included: a fun fair; face painting; children’s games; a barbecue; stalls; a learn to draw cartoon club with artist Scott Artus; and a PureFootball Swansea penalty shootout, featuring special guests.

Julie Powell, Jac Lewis Foundation, said:

“It was a fantastic day, brilliantly supported by the community.  Big thanks to Morganstone for supporting the charity.”

Tonia Morgan, Director at Westacres and co-organiser of the charity event, said:

“Our charity day was amazing! It was absolutely wonderful to see the beautiful park in Ammanford host such a fantastic event. Families turned up in large numbers, and all of them had great fun with the rides, games, sweets, hot dogs and beverage stalls.

“Also, the cricket was awesome, as Morganstone prevailed as the victorious team. Most importantly, thousands of pounds were raised for the Jac Lewis foundation, which does such important work within the community of Ammanford to help anyone suffering with mental health difficulties. So, all in all, it was a huge success. We extend our thanks to everyone who took part in the event and came along and donated to the charity on the day.”

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