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Fisherman turned Plasterer is forging a new career thanks to the Onsite Hub

Fisherman turned Plasterer is forging a new career thanks to the Onsite Hub


Paul James is a shining example of how people can change career at any age and make a success of it with the right encouragement, attitude, and guidance.

Paul had been a fisherman for over twenty years before he was referred to Cyfle by his Futureworks advisor in early September of 2021. Due to Covid and other stresses on the fishing industry, Paul had come to the decision to change his career. However, after leaving the fishing industry Paul suddenly found himself in a position where he had no fixed abode, various financial barriers and had little opportunity or prospect of starting a new career.

Through his previous job, Paul had developed a strong work ethic and was more than capable of taking on the challenges of a physically demanding job. He was also very keen to re-skill, find employment, become a provider and get his life back on track.

After being referred to us, here at Cyfle, we were able to help Paul with safety clothing, health and safety courses and a tool kit. Our coordinator, Paul Falzon, then arranged a 10-day Onsite Hub placement with Plasterer Phil Owens.

Paul’s placement was in Haverfordwest and his first project was a full replastering of an interior building consisting of rendered scratch-coats and thistle finish plaster. Some of the tasks that Paul had to undertake were mixing the render and thistle plaster, fixing of additional plasterboard to re-square/plumb a ceiling, and the fitting of external corner render beads.

All of these tasks are fundamental to becoming a competent plasterer and Paul gained much valuable experience over the two weeks. The success Paul made of this initial Onsite Hub placement was instrumental in him realising that he had made the right choice in changing to his new career.

To get to this point, Paul has had to overcome some not insignificant obstacles with family life, relationships and a change of career in his thirties. However, what is most inspiring is seeing Paul take up the challenge, conquer those obstacles and grow in confidence – even in a few short weeks – both personally and professionally through the support of our Cyfle team and under Plasterer Phil Owens’ tutelage.
The real success is that Paul is now forging numerous links with different people throughout the industry, which can only stand him in good stead in any future endeavours he may undertake. We wish him luck!

Paul James, Onsite Hub trainee Plasterer, said:

“I cannot thank Cyfle enough for the amazing opportunity they have given me. From the time I approached Andrew at Futureworks, and he put me in touch with Paul, a placement was found instantly. All the wheels were put in motion and the work was made available with a full-time job at the end.”

Phil Owens, Plasterer, said:

“The Onsite Hub is a thoroughly worthwhile scheme that has unearthed a gem in Paul.”